Why Fifa should keep price ranges but change how they are enforced

Ea. sports have introduced price ranges to make the market fairer of the community and also make it easier to acquire highly rated players. They have done this by giving each player in the game a price range with a minimum e.g. 25k fifa coins and a maximum e.g. 50k. By doing this EA have tried to make the market better and fairer for the average Fifa user. Although I agree with the main idea of price ranges I think it would be better for the Fifa community to keep maximum price ranges but get rid of the minimum. By doing this EA could prevent the mass sale of coins as they could still control the market by preventing players from raising to stupidly high prices which would therefore people would not be forced into buying coins.

This would also fix the issues of users like myself not being able to sell their players as too many are at the minimum of the price band. By doing this I believe EA could change Fifa for the better and still stop the sale of coins in the game. This would benefit all of the users of the game and it is the most logical solution to the problems we are facing with the price ranges that we are seeing implemented at the moment in Fifa Ultimate Team.

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