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My static is currently halfway through T13, though without much progress. We have only managed to hit divebomb phase once or twice after 7 days x 2 hours of practice (and constant wipes).

Is there anything we should take note of that may help us reduce deaths in P1 and P2? We tank the boss south btw.

We have a MNK/NIN/BRD/SMN for our DPS and we can hit 2 flattens if no one dies in P1 and LB is used.

Which parts of P1 and 2 are you having trouble with in Final Fantasy XIV?


GamePlay FAQ:

I’m going to guess what you are dying to in P1 and P2, based on my static’s progression experience, to try and give you some tips.

P1 we died to two things:

Sludge debuff from Earthshakers

Being too close for Megaflare

For earthshakers, you have to get the timing for moving right. There is no cheesing this mechanic, as far as that goes. If you get a sludge tick, you’re probably dead, regardless of what your healers are doing unless the scholar has a miracle Lustrate.

On Megaflare, something that can help you as far as that, tanks never get splash. This means you can safely stack a DPS on top of your off tank, increasing the space you have left for the other DPS. This also helps during P3 megaflare/DBs.

Things we died to in P2:

Not paying attention to members that had 2 orbs and additional orbs floating to them.

Megaflare splash (see above).

Rage of Bahamut

Add aggro

Orbs are easily solved over VOIP clients, but some of our members don’t use mic. Basically, just have someone call out 2 stacks. Make sure you aren’t too close to anyone when picking up the orbs. Basic stuff like that.

Rage… The only thing that saves you is heals. It’s important to know that you only take damage from Rage if you picked up an orb. The more stacks you have, the more damage you take. As such, try to have people with higher MDEF pick up the orbs before those with lower. People with weakness should only get one orb. Cure III to top everyone off is the safest route.

Add aggro – your OT needs to get the fuck good. Occasionally our OT slips and the add kills someone or, god forbid, Eos. OT should be at the spawn point, ready to hit the add. No exceptions. Queueing a BB to go off right after provoke works well, saving brutal swing for extra OGCD damage works well. The bottom line here is, do whatever it takes to get snap aggro. If a healer dies, it’s recoverable, but it’s a lot harder. Your healers should be doing their best to minimize threat. That means, no immediate heals after Rage. No one takes significant damage immediately after Rage, so no medica/medica II is needed until the OT has solid aggro.

If your MT is dying to Flatten or the flare breath between Megaflare and Rage in P2, your healers need to learn the rotation and get comfortable with the phase.

Just in general, Path and DK need to be up as much as possible.


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Which parts of P1 and 2 are you having trouble with in Final Fantasy XIV? – r4pg.com.

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