Training on runescape is SO tedious

Dude I can just see the pure jealousy and anger you have because you waste your time and other people don’t. Why don’t you start botting? Then you to can save your time doing something more productive. My logic makes perfect sense dumbass.


No it’s for people who don’t want to waste their time clicking a mouse all day. I’m 19 I have a job I don’t have time to train an account. Seriously you have no idea what you’re talking about. The point is to have fun lol? I play to stake and pk. That’s it. I don’t find it fun grinding stats. Training on runescape is SO tedious, and repetitive. It’s not enjoyable. I’m going to keep playing, guess what people cheat in life all the time to get what they want. It’s life. I enjoy playing the game, I just don’t like slaving away and training stats and such. I used to play legit, but I could never go back to that. Botting is the way to go.

That’s a horrible comparison, yeah comparing botting to murdering people in real life. Botting is harmless. How is it “ruining” the game for you. You can spend hours training while I chose to bot. As long as runescape exists there will be bots. You have to accept the fact that there will always be botters. Guess what people cheat in life all the time it happends. If people didn’t bot I wouldn’t bot either. But I’m going to take the advantage since it’s there and other people are doing it.

Runescape Botting is cheating and also hurts legit players. Why would i be selfish and also harm others when i would feel 0% achievement if i’d bot my 99’s? What’s the point of it?

Nobody got time for rs, its just a sick game on the side that I would LOVE to play for an hour evey couple nights. but I cant do so because I don’t got any money! what m I going to do waste ten hours on a game and grow old? no i’m going to my actual job so I can make a living. bot..or buy rs gold and have fun on your days off. boysss its gunna happen sooner or later.

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