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Wowhead is proud to reveal a new Warcraft digital poster: Orgrim Doomhammer. More digital movie posters are being revealed today and you can find them at

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Who is Orgrim?

Orgrim Doomhammer, played by Rob Kazinsky, served as the Warchief of the Horde and a mentor to Thrall. The events of Warcraft take place in an alternate timeline; here’s what we know about Orgrim from WoW from Rise of the Horde and World of Warcraft: Ultimate Visual Guide. Spoilers ahead.

  • Orgrim and Durotan (Thrall’s father) became friends at a young age; this bond of friendship persisted through their life even though they were from different clans.
  • Orgrim participated in the bloodshed against the Draenei under Blackhand’s command, although later he had misgivings about the orders from Gul’dan and Ner’zhul. He used the excuse that he was unworthy to avoid drinking the Blood of Mannoroth, which raised suspicions in Gul’dan. Learn more about this period in history with Rise of the Horde.
  • During the First War, Orgrim seized control of the Horde. Medivh, possessed by Sargeras, opened the Dark Portal while Gul’dan had his orcs build one on Draenor’s side. While Medivh’s corruption was discovered by the Alliance, Gul’dan was snooping around in his mind, trying to find secrets and ways to gain more power. He found out about the tomb of Sargeras, but also fell into a coma as he was still connected to Medivh while he was struck down by the Alliance. Durotan also warned Orgrim about Gul’dan and his corruption, and was soon after assassinated by Gul’dan’s Shadow Council forces. Orgrim still took action. He challenged Blackhand for title of warchief, took command of the Horde and rooted out Gul’dan’s corruption by slaughtering his Shadow Council. Yet he allowed the orc warlock to live. Under Orgrim’s command, the Horde claimed victory in the First War. More details about the First War can be found in The Dark Portal and the Fall of Stormwind.
  • When Gul’dan awoke from his coma, he argued his usefulness to Orgrim. The Horde would need sorcerers to combat the human wizards. Orgrim, while hesitant, agreed and accepted Gul’dans assistance during the Second War. However, Orgrim’s suspicions were proven correct when Gul’dan’s forces abandoned Orgrim during a crucial battle against Lordaeron. Gul’dan’s forces made their way to the Tomb of Sargeras, but were slaughtered by the demons.
  • At Blackrock Spire, Orgrim and Lothar fought an intense duel, with Orgrim the victor. Turalyon, Lothar’s second in command, saw his mentor and friend die on the battlefield and instead of surrendering, as Orgrim had expected the Alliance to do, the rallied in righteous fury. Orgrim was knocked out and taken captive, while some of the the Horde forces retreated to the Dark Portal. The Alliance followed them to discover its location where they tried to shut it down. More details about the Second War can be found in Aftermath of the Second War.
  • Orgrim managed to escape King Terenas’ palace and for many years the orcs that surrendered spend their time as slaves within interment camps, now lethargic. Several years later, Durotan’s son Thrall escaped his own interment camp, met up with his fathers clan and became the first new shaman the orcs had seen since a very long time. Even Orgrim and the Warsong clan lead by Grommash Hellscream found their way to Thrall and together, they led the charge of freeing more of their kind from the interment camps. At the last internment camp, Hammerfall, Orgrim was struck down by an Alliance Knight. More details can be found in The New Horde and Lethargy of the Orcs.
  • Thrall named the capital city Orgrimmar after his mentor Orgrim.
  • As Warchief, Thrall wore Orgrim’s black-and-gold armor and wielded Doomhammer, now engraved with the symbol of the Frostwolf clan. You can replicate this appearance with similar Heroic Plate transmog sets and Enhancement Shamans can acquire Doomhammer in Legion.

Orgrim Doomhammer Media

Rob Kazinsky, a longtime World of Warcraft player, is vocal about his excitement to play Orgrim and the benefits World of Warcraft has brought to his life. You can find him in Warcraft as Kaz Endsky in Ashran!

Below are several interviews he has given on the movie:

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