Skyforge Review – Ascension Is Here!

Skyforge is a free to play third person sci-fi action MMORPG developed by Allods Team, in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment and published by In the game you play as an immortal in a land of gods , while you’re trying to become a god too by protecting the mortals from hostile gods and different alien races. The game doesn’t have a leveling system and works with “Prestige” which can be obtained by the missions you do. You can also change classes whenever you like, so you’re not restricted to only one class for your whole experience. In the beginning you can switch between three classes: Cryomancer, Paladin and Light Binder.

The game has 14 classes which are: Cryomancer, Paladin, Light Binder, Archer, Berserker, Kinetic, Necromancer, Slayer, Gunner, Warlock|Witch, Monk, Alchemist, Knight and Outlaw. Before Ascension, getting the other classes was done by unlocking “nodes” in something called “Ascension Atlas” by using “sparks” which were collected at the end of missions. In the game you move with the WASD key, jump with space-bar, attack using the mouse (while aiming at the enemy) and use skills with the numbers. The game features a Premium Status which gives you certain bonuses in game as well as doubled rewards, though the premium can be bought with in-game currency not only with real money.

Regions Map:
It is an extended game campaign, from which players can unlock new missions, classes and symbols.Each mark on the map is an entry point to an adventure or mission that will improve character stats. Temples and Strongholds replace atlases, which were removed in “Ascension”. All the familiar interface screens, such as Equipment, Symbols, and Orders will also be located here.The amount of resources required for development will also be significantly reduced and they depend on your actions in the game.

There are things called “Strongholds” which give you bonuses that replace most of the nodes in the general Ascension Atlas. The character can increase the rank of the structure by completing quests and raising their “Might”. The building will be upgraded automatically once you have the required “might”. As a reward, the character’s additional stats, passive abilities, and symbols will be upgraded. To unlock all the classes you have to reach the coresponding “Class Temple” which replace the Ascension Atlas. The “Capital” will provide structures important to your character’s development and it can be easily accessed through the map. “Tower of Knowledge” is a structure that will replace the current Vectors system and become a source Intel on your enemies (a new currency that an immortal earns by participating in PvP and PvE activities). Updating the database allows characters to obtain a boost to their “might”.The “Cathedral structure replaces “Equipment Amplifiers”. The character receives Might by upgrading it.In “Flavius’s Laboratory” the atlases of invading armies will be reflected. You can pay for research in special currency that the character receives and accumulates every 2 days during an on-going invasion. The Laboratory allows you to fight better against certain armies.Also distortions are no longer bound to “Pantheons”. Now they are open to everybody who has completed relevant quests in the “Laboratory”. There is even a “Trophy Hall” in which the upgrades purchased for “Victor’s Medals” will be stored.The “Temple of Deeds” structure will replace the “atlases”. Performing feats in the “Divine Form” will let you learn new abilities and features.

Pantheon Rank:
The updated “Pantheon Rank” is a way to find companions for group activities and to boost the efficiency of your character.To increase the “Pantheon Rank”, its members need to gather “Construction Resources”. The amount of resources gathered is displayed on a dedicated bar in the “Pantheon interface”. Once the bar is full, the members will have to spend a certain amount of credits, vote for the upgrade, and the rank will be increased.

New Values:
Ascension also features a new way of earning “credits” and “argents”. Before, players were able to exchange some of their Credits for Argents, in the coming update you will be able to earn them by gathering offerings at the “Altar” ( a new way of earning “credits” and “argents” . This is where your mortal followers leave their offerings, providing you with up to 10 every day. Their gifts include “credits” and sometimes “argents”. The rank of the “altar” increases each time it’s used.), by completing daily directives, participating in battles at the “Inghar Test Area”,” Battles of Equals”, “Operations”, and other activities.In the “Trophy Halls” character enhancement items are available instead of the Invasion tab of the market. They will provide similar bonuses that influence efficiency of “Bastions”, “Cathedrals”, and the “Towers of Knowledge”.

You can select gear, chunks of armor, or pieces of your enemies’ bodies and turn them into a dangerous weapon.Each selected item can only be used a few times, though the items have a lot of power. The selected weapons differ in type and can be used for protection or attack.You can use items like claws, guns, staves, whips, grenades, mines and etc. Some of them can give you a boost for a short period of time. Monster behavior was upgraded too.

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