Revelation Online Beginner’s Guide, Swordmage Class Introduction and Builds

This guide will take a quick look at the Swordmage class of Revelation Online, and help you decide whether or not this is the right class for you by explaining most, if not all, of its skills as well as its gameplay style.

We will be focusing mostly on how the class performs in PvE, although, by the end of the article, you should also have a basic idea of how it does in PvP.

Revelation Online Beginner's Guide, Swordmage Class Introduction and Builds


When you first hear the name Swordmage, you’ll probably be thinking that this will be a sword using melee class that also possesses some magic skills (I know I did). However, the Swordmage is a pure caster, a mage DPS class just like the Occultist.

In fact, you could even say that the Swordmage is the main Mage archetype class of Revelation Online, mostly due to its ability to switch between Fire, Ice and Storm elements to deal ranged magic damage.

Swordmage Elemental Rhythm

Elemental Rhythm is the skill that allows you to switch between the Fire, Ice and Storm elements.

These three elements will be the pillars of your Swordmage’s skills. Using the Fire element with a fire based skill, for example, will add some added benefits, such as the ability to cast it twice without having to worry about the cool down, or apply the Burning effect to enemies. Moreover, each element serves a specific purpose when used with certain neutral skills:
Fire: Generally allows your character to deal more damage
Ice: Adds CC effects to your skills, allowing you to assist allies or increase your survivability and kiting skills
Storm: Mostly used to add shock damage and DoT (Damage over Time) effects to your skills

As a Swordmage, you will be constantly switching between these three elements to adapt to the different situations.


To be entirely honest, I was initially somewhat disappointed to see that the Swordmage didn’t use its sword for melee skills (although it quickly became one of my favorite classes), with the exception of two fairly interesting ones, namely Dagger Flurry and Ride the Wind.

Dagger Flurry

This skill allows your character to deal continuous damage to all surrounding enemies for 30 seconds. While the damage remains somewhat on the low side and I wouldn’t recommend using this when playing solo (maybe as a finisher when you have multiple enemies on low health), it has great potential when fighting large number of enemies with a group.

Ride the Wind

Ride the Wind basically allows your character to ride its sword as a hoverboard for 5 seconds. The movement speed of the character is greatly increased, and they become immune to CC effects for the duration of the skills. Moreover, enemies in their path also take damage and have their movement speed reduced.

This can be especially useful when you are expecting enemies to use CC skills, to put some distance between yourself and enemies, or simply to regroup with allies if you got seperated. In PvP, it could even be used to chase fleeing enemies, or help an ally escape from an enemy chasing them.

Basic Skills

The basic skills of the Swordmage are Lambent Bolt and Angel Fire.

Lambent Bolt is pretty much a weak basic attack that you can use repeatedly as it has no cooldown. Using it while having the Fire element up has a 20% chance to decrease the magic attack of the target, while using it with the Ice element adds a 50% chance to slow the movement speed of the target.

Angel Fire, on the other hand, is a heavy attack that deals a lot of damage, but has a 3 seconds cooldown. When used with the Fire element, you can use Angel Fire again right away to add a burning effect.

Main Skills

The Swordmage has 4 main damage dealing skills, Searing Wake, Lightning Orb, Lambent Step and Star Sword.

Searing Wake – Searing Wake will be your main Neutral skill, its animation and effects changing according to the Element you are using. It consumes 5 elemental charges to launch an attack in front of your. While in the Fire rhythm, it creates an explosion in front of your enemies, burning them for 5 seconds. The Storm rhythm creates a series of lightning bolts along your enemies, shocking them, preventing them from dodging, and damaging them for 5 seconds. Finally, the Ice rhythm damages enemies with an ice blast that freezes them in place for 5 seconds.

Lightning Orb – This skill sends out an orb of lightning towards enemies that detonates as it hits them. If you are in the Storm rhythm, you can use the skill again to create a lightning zone upon the detonation of the orb, damaging all enemies in range.

Lambent Step – The character does a backward leap, leaving arcane orbs that attack enemies in range. This skill is great to take down enemies chasing you, or avoid AoE skills/spells, especially when fighting bosses.

Star Sword – The character summons a large sword that damages and stuns enemies upon impact. The sword remains in the ground for 10 seconds and damages enemies in range.

Buff and CC focused skills

Cold Shackles – Damages the target, freezing them, as well as enemies around them, for 2 seconds. While in Ice rhythm, Cold Shackles can be used again to damage all enemies around the target and Bind them for 3 seconds.

Elemental Rhythm – Allows the character to switch between the Ice, Fire and Storm elements. Adds a Magic Attack strengthening effect.

Frigid Aura – Damages enemies around the character and freezes them for 3 seconds.

Celestial Aura – Restores the mana of the caster and surrounding party members. Also increases the magic damage and max mana of the caster and surrounding party members. (effects are halved for party members)

Cunning Step – Teleports over a short distance and breaks CC effects.

Temporary Starshield – The character will be unable to move or attack for the duration of the skill, but will also be immune to damage for 5 seconds. Greatly reduces the aggro of enemies towards the character.

Stat Builds

Balanced Build
Maintain a good DPS while also increasing your character’s survivability.

Primary Stat – Intelligence

Since Intelligence will be the main stat affecting your magic attack, AT LEAST 50% of your stat points should go there.

Secondary Stats – Physique & Spirit

Physique increases your defense and health, which can be really helpful with how squishy the Swordmage is. Spirit increases your max health and max mana, and also raises your health recovery and magic defense. In this build, a maximum of 25% of your stat points should be allocated to each of these stats.

Glass Cannon Build
Forget health and defense, and throw everything you’ve got into nuking enemies for the highest amount of damage possible.

Primary Stats – Intelligence & Dexterity

A minimum of 50% of your stat points should go to Intelligence to increase your magic attack, while a maximum of 50% should go to Dexterity to increase your crit rate.

Secondary Stat – Spirit (optional)

Depending on your gear and playstyle, you might want to consider adding some points into Spirit to increase your max Mana.

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