Project Caravan: a Cross-Platform MMORPG for JRPG Fans

Project Caravan: a Cross-Platform MMORPG for JRPG Fans

Aiming, Tokyo-based game developer, announced that a new cross-platform MMORPG called Project Caravan will be available for PC and Mobile, using the same sever. Players can expect to log in the game with the same account no matter playing indoors or outdoors.

According to the official announcement, there will have a 500 square meter map for players to explore. Besides harbor city and valley town, players will be able to enjoy SNS gameplay and various PK modes. Like most MMORPGs, Project Caravan will offer different dungeons and siege battles to players.

As a cross-platform MMORPGs, it needs to be compatible with PC and mobile at the same time. Therefore, the developer pays more attention to its graphics, trying to make players immersed in the excellent actions. What’s more, the mobile version will be equipped with auto-play mode.

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