NCsoft Announced 3 New Mobile Games

NCsoft hosted a showcase event in Seoul, South Korea, announcing 3 new mobile game titles: Lineage M, Project ORCA, and Final Blade, along with new details of several other mobile games including Lineage Red Knights and Blade & Soul Mobile. Read on to learn more about these games.

Lineage Red Knights Korean release date confirmed

We thought the showcase event was going to be dedicated to Lineage Red Knights, and we were wrong. NCsoft made it a game announcement event. For Lineage Red Knights, the game will conduct a closed bta testing from October 31st to November 2nd, and it will officially launch on December 8th in South Korea and other 11 countries. NCsoft didn’t say which countries but we guess it will be Asian countries including Chinese and Southeast Asian market.

Lineage M officially revealed

Lineage Mobile was actually confirmed in 2015 but the game was officially announced at the event yesterday. We also got the first look at the actual game and noticed that it had similar visual style and gameplay to the first Lineage MMORPG released 18 years ago. Besides, Lineage M will be an open world MMO that brings back the classic Lineage classes, magic, alliances, and dungeons.

Project ORCA will have next-generation graphics

Project ORCA is another new mobile RPG with a huge world, next generation graphics and action gameplay. It claims to have the best visuals that no other mobile game can offer, while stresses on compelling combat experience gained from simple control. In terms of gameplay, NCsoft gave zero detail.

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