MapleStory 2 Discussion! Post Beta Monsters, Elite Monsters and Bosses!


This discussion is 56 minutes and we’re going into the site Maview taking a closer look at all the Monsters, Elites and Bosses we have to look forward to! Some of which not seen in the game yet!
Thank yous go out to everyone who have been translating footage and providing information; Orangemushroom, Spadow, Coppersan, and everyone else. We wouldn’t be able to get excited, have fun discussing and predicting the possibilities without you guys doing the awesome jobs that you do.
MapleStory2.TV for being super supportive of our show! Be sure to check the site out here and join the growing community as we continue our never ending adventure!

Introduction: 00:00
Whats the plan, 19 pages of mobs and bosses: 01:14
Page 1, levels dont make sense: 01:45
Gryphons Description: 03:34
Pina So, Green Gryphon: 05:43
Shadow Shaman Devlin: 07:24
Differences between Bosses and Elite Mobs (Mini Bosses): 08:42
Page 2, Blooded Baphomet Description: 09:54
Returning mob! Nependeths!: 10:34
Alex’s guilty pleasure: 11:24
Page 3, Devlin and Devlin Chief: 12:18
Alex found something interesting, a possible link!: 15:04
(NPCs is in planning!)
Page 4 all mobs: 16:39
Lava Golems replacing Tauromacis? Sounds good to us!: 17:02
Page 5, Zombie and ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA: 19:35
Page 6, Holy crap Mano is BEAST: 22:26
Page 7, Golden Mushroom, a Bajar and ITS SCOTT STERLING!: 25:15
Page 8, Baphomet Anger and Balrog!: 26:54
“Alright, Forget it, we’ve got Balrog next”: 28:30
Page 9, Rabbit mini boss, block golems and snail return DICK DAM: 30:43
Page 10, STUMPY! baby boars, slimes, stumps and spores: 31:59
Page 11, Operation Turtle! and second Elf Twin, Iron hog: 32:58
Page 12, first level 1 mobs! Cory gets a Medal!: 34:47
Page 13, Thunder House! Urza! Crystal Bajar! Lava Eye! Zakum!: 35:21
Thunder House: 36:02
Crystal Bajar: 36:52
Zakum or… Jakum? No no, it’s Zakum!: 38:04
Page 14, The Last Bajar!: 40:18
Page 15, King Slime is ALSO a BEAST! and King Block Golem!: 42:35
Page 16, TOTO…. and the Districts? Never heard of em!… TWINKIES: 44:12
Page 17, Level 33 Blue Snail, Fire Boar and FUNKY PIG: 45:27
Page 18, Palos Poison mob mount and Franke Zombie, LARGE HAMMER?!: 46:34
Page 19, Last Page, Chaos Baphomet, Horus and Chess!: 48:18
Chaos Baphomet: 49:25
Horus, The Gryphon: 49:58
Final Tally of Mobs, Elite Mobs and Bosses: 50:30
NPCs and Item Discussions? Let us know what you think!: 51:42

Closed Beta has come to a close and the data has come flooding out in mass! This time we’re going into the files of the Monsters, Elite Monsters and Bosses and seeing just what we have to look forward to! There’s 19 pages packed full, so sit back and enjoy while we ramble on with Google Translating everything for us.

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