Lost Ark

lost ark

Smile Gate revealed a new upcoming blockbuster title called Lost Ark previously known as Project T, a Hack and Slash quarter view MMORPG. The game has been in development for more than three years now and I am surprised they kept it a secret all this time with 160 members in the development team. Aside from the various gender locked and playable characters, the game also offers various mounts with combat capabilities. The first Closed Beta is scheduled to start next year around 2015 . Looking forward to testing this game! Smile Gate started recruiting players for the first Focus Group Test on their website. I am not sure if it will be an offline LAN test or an Online test.

Official site: http://lostark.co.kr/

Lost Ark Online Gameplay Debut Trailer Hack & Slash MMORPG


Yea, the game is pretty beautiful, but ugh, they’re just showing how fancy graphics of this game are. And it’s too much fancy. All of these abilities are just so incredibly slow, but wait, it has a shitload of effects in them!
But maybe I will look forward to it, but my hopes for this game are not so high.

I feel like youre just reading what Im saying and not even thinking about it. I used the FPS genre as an example. The principle that I explained applies DIRECTLY to any other genre of video games. If you seriously need an example from the exact genre Ill give you one. Devil May Cry and Diablo 3 are both hack and slash games but completely different from one another. Some may like one and not the other. These are part of a subgroup of hack and slash games.

Off.Meanwhile in the west we have yet again another useless and ugly WoW expansion ahahah. I mean who the fuck still plays WoW lol. Just immagine a game like this one made by blizzard World of Starcraft. it would be awesome , but nah asians are on another level in the mmorpgs sector. we cant expect that from blizzard .. maybe in 10 years from now considering they announce yet another ugly meh game.

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