Lost Ark CM Detailed Tripod System

Lost Ark CM Detailed Tripod System 1

New info has kept flowing out with the Lost Ark media conference hosted today in South Korea. At the same time, CM Lisha posted a detailed blog on the official website, introducing how Tripod System works in the game as well as some useful tips. DeePrixel did an awesome translation job, posting the content on Reddit so now we have an English version blog.

What is the tripod system?

As you level up, you’ll get skill points which you can allocate to your skill. When your skill level reaches lvl.4, 7, 10, your skill tier will upgrade to Tier 1, 2, 3 respectively. When your skill tier is upgraded, you get to choose an additional effect for your skill. The three choices you make for a skill is what we call the [Tripod System].

In simple words, level up the character -> Acquire skill point -> Allocate it to a skill -> Apply tripod system to a skill when its tier upgrades.

Lost Ark CM Detailed Tripod System 1

Once you reached to level 12, you’ll get first skill point. When you level up to 16, you’ll get 4 skill points which can be used to level up your skills to 4 and your first tripod system will be available. Level 22 will allow you to upgrade your skill to tier 2. Reaching level 30 will upgrade your skill to tier 3.

Lost Ark CM Detailed Tripod System 1

Tripod system can be changed at any time with no drawbacks, but there are some exceptions to this which is after entering the Guardian Raid, Secret Dungeon, Colosseum, Cube, and the Tower of Shadow. Noted allocating your skill points should be careful as there will be some restrictions to reset your skill points.

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