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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV was originally announced back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and has been renamed and reworked to become a new installment in the main series. The game is more of an action RPG than previous titles in the series, and is notable for featuring a darker and more realistic tone. Final Fantasy XV is based around the Fabula Nova Crystallis in-universe mythology, but the game’s plot is not tied to previous entries.

The plot centers around the protagonist, Noctis, a prince of a place called Lucis. Lucis and nearby Niflheim have declared a truce between them that ends a war over crystals. Niflheim, instead of going through with the deal, decides to invade and start a new level of hellish attacks. It will be up to Noctis to escape and try to defeat the enemy forces in this Earth-like land.



Fast-paced Action Combat
Designed to be more action-based, the combat system will allow for flexibility in how to defeat enemies and a fast pace.

Realistic, Darker Setting
In a departure for the series, the game’s setting is less overtly fantasy and partly based upon several real-world locations.

Final Fantasy Story Focus & Characters
What has not changed are the characters you will meet and fight alongside, as well as a deeper storyline that influenced the decision to make this a numbered entry in the series.


Final Fantasy XV: Tracking the Behemoth (RPG, No Commentary)

Check out this no-commentary video of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae. Noctis and his party are on the heels of the Behemoth, hoping to cash in on a 25K gil reward for defeating the beast… but it won’t be easy.

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