Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

ffxiv heavensward

Announcing FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward! The 1st expansion for FFXIV set to release in Spring 2015!

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is the first expansion pack of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, announced at the 2014 Fan Fest in Las Vegas. It was initially set to release in spring 2015, but was delayed to early summer for more polish. Mac version will be available the same day as Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 versions, making it the first Final Fantasy title on Apple’s personal computer.

Ishgard will be the main location of the storyline. Naoki Yoshida had revealed that the first expansion of the game will let the players fly, and one of the themes will revolve around a “great conflict that spans across millennia.”


Heavensward will expand the playable area of the game into additional parts of Eorzea, beyond the Coerthas Central Highlands and into the skies above the Sea of Clouds and the floating landmasses therein. Dravania and “other beast-tribe ruled” domains will be added.

Two key plot points have been revealed: the “Dragonsong War”, the bloody thousand-year conflict between Ishgard and Dravania, and “The Wyrmking versus Thordan and his Knights Twelve”, which has not yet been substantially elaborated on.


The expansion will increase the level cap to 60 for all disciplines. A new playable race, the draconic Au Ra, and multiple new jobs will be introduced to the game. One new class has been announced for each of the three roles: the Dark Knight for Tank, the Astrologian for Healer, and the Machinist for ranged damage. All new Primals will appear in the game, including at least one Primal created just for Final Fantasy XIV – the first of these being Ravana. New dungeons and new raids will appear. A new feature will allow Free Companies to create their own personal airships. In at least some expansion zones, players will be able to use flying mounts, including black chocobos, personal-scale airships, the collector’s edition griffon and a dragon who is important to the story of Heavensward.

ffxiv heavensward

ffxiv heavensward

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