Fifa 16 changes and things I don’t understand

This year’s iteration of Fifa has been heralded by some as the best yet, by others the worst version of Fifa in recent memory. Firstly I will recognize the fact EA has made changes to this years FIFA and salute them in their attempts to push the game forward however, after a few months immersing myself in the gameplay and all it has to hold it has become painfully obvious that there are many things wrong with this game and it still has a lot of things to get right.

The purpose of the thread is to present some of the things I think are wrong with FIFA from purely a footballing perspective as well as things EA should add ASAP. I will also update the thread with gifs in the future.

The Blind Pass – I will start off with something that has long since irked me in FIFA and it is the ‘blind pass’. Now the blind pass is in football and usually makes for scintillating movement however the game gets some aspects of it incorrect. Blind passes are usually executed by players within close proximity to each other, so the person with the ball has a general idea where the other is even if he can’t see him. This is usually how things like ‘back heels’ take place. However in FIFA players are allowed to ping balls over vast distances with their backs to play to players they couldn’t possibly have known were there. Now I’m not for punishing a player for spotting a run or having the vision to see it but he should make the pace after he put himself in a position to do so.
Not only would this force more cerebral gameplay akin to actual matches but it would add much needed depth to tactics such as hold up play. A player with his back to the play should not be able to launch a pirlo esque through ball to a player 70 yards away.

The Lateral Pass – this was an issue that was brought to light by another member of these boards and I wish to expound on it somewhat. In FIFA 15, when a one two pass is played the initial passer runs off vertically, nothing wrong with this if the player is attacking the space you want him to. However all too often a player wil attack the space you wish to run into or he will end up running into areas of no use. It is part of the reason movement in FIFA almost seems robotic. Players will not attack centrally by choice. It is sometimes possible to execute Lateral Passes by cutting off the run of the player you are passing to but the runner is left at the mercy of the AI. This is an example of lateral passing, great video from IKON LXP

This is something EA desperately need to implement as the movement in this game is very predictable and is a huge part of the reason pace is such an important part of FIFA. In addition a spin off of this would be to control the direction the forward or attacker goes. This would greatly add significant depth to several things in the game ranging from build up play to defending. It would also allow for the vast array of attacking styles present in football. Fom tiki taka too the tiki taka counter attacking hybrid adopted by Chelsea at the moment. By extension it would add a new element to defending.

In addition to this players should also be allowed to cancel the run of the runners or rimply halt their position, this is something I’m alarmed FIFA doesn’t have at its disposal currently, if you send a player on a run you have no choice but to let the player run into an offside position then return, this should not be the case.

A prime example is the movement of Diego Costa on both the first and second goal. The first he peels off his defender to slot home the second he moves to the side laterally along the offside line in this clip.

Dribbling – In an attempt to increase the attacking element of football EA did 2 things, they decreased the effectiveness of containing, it is right where it should be now and defending relies a lot on predicting and reads which is fine. Where they messed up was the dribbling aspect. Running with ball is fine, turning on a dime at full tilt is not, they incorporated momentum into things like the roulette and the fake shot, however they seemed to have not done this with dribbling, as a result barring a complete reverse in direction players are not affected by momentum when dribbling, as such players are allowed to change direction at full speed which isn’t possible. Changes in direction should be accompanied by slowing of momentum. What exacerbates this issue is the fact that switching to a defender to defend the attacker usually takes place after the attacker has blown past you. This needs to be addressed.

I will update this more as time goes on , I hope I’ve made some sense in the thread and I apologize for the formatting or lack thereof, typed this up on my ps4. I geneuinely love football but I find myself playing FIFA because I love football as opposed to loving FIFA. These are some of the issues I’ve come across in FIFA 15, I’m currently in division 1 fresh off a title win and on course for another. I mostly use Chelsea as they are the team I support but I also dabble with Dortmund, Roma and Athletico Madrid. I will NOT use Real Madrid.

Hopefully this thread will yield good discussion and will turn into a learning experience for myself as well as others.

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