Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

MU Legend and Revelation Online almost came face to face with each other after their publisher announcing that their closed beta test would both start on October 25th. However, this match was cancelled when Revelation Online backed down, moving its CBT on November 3 and giving player’s time to test/play MU Legend instead.

Some players think that the reason why Revelation Online moved their Closed Beta Test is due to the fact that the game servers are not ready. Some think that it is because of the coming holidays while others think that it is because Revelation Online is afraid of losing players due to MU Legend.

Does Revelation Online have to be afraid of MU Legend? What are the things that MU Legend have that Revelation Online does not? And vice versa? Today, let’s look at some of the more obvious feature differences and possible similarities between the two!

MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

Let the match Begin!

Round 1: In every MMORPG there is one feature everyone is familiar with… that is the CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION! I myself spend a lot of time checking all the available options and features of this feature. Well, this character will represent me in-game so I might as well spend enough time to look good!

Both MU Legend and Revelation Online offers class selection on the character customization screen, in fact both are almost identical on the process. However, the main difference between the two games is that MU Legend class/characters are GENDER LOCKED while you can choose freely on Revelation Online with both male and female option available on all classes. In fact Revelation Online also offers 3 body build the Full Packed “Look at my Muscles”, Medium lean muscle build and a more slim body build. Also 3 “Age” settings, one which shows a more mature/adult well developed character form, the second/middle shows a more teen-ager look, while the third one shows a more childish/younger character figure.

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

It seems like Revelation Online keeps sending punches to MU Legend, but does MU legend have something that Revelation Online does not in terms of Character Customization? In fact, YES there is! And that is the Multi-Race Selection!

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

Although the MU Legend Character customization is pretty limited in terms of features and options, it does have the option to choose other than the human race. Currently there are 4 race options, the dominant Human race, terrifying Kanturu, cold stare Ashas and the gorgeous Elf race.

For more information about the MU Legend multi race selection and each race affinity, please CLICK HERE.

Round 2: One of the old but important features of a MMORPG is the CLASS SYSTEM! The Class System can either be a selection of pre-determined single class or a combination/stages of classes (multi path system). Either way, this feature is most of the time the determining factor on what is a player’s role in a group/community/guild. A class with huge Health Points and survival skills? Tanker! A class with seemingly endless barrage of melee damage dealing skills? Or a class who controls the arcane arts of Magic to slaughter the enemies with devastating fire and ice? Damage Dealers!

Both MU Legend and Revelation Online have seemingly similar classes. Like the Dark Lord with its high survivability is akin with Vanguard class. The Blader who is a melee damage dealer seems to have a perfect rhythm with Blade Master. The Whisperer dealing long range attacks is in tune with Gunslinger and the Wage Mage with its devastating magical attacks is in harmony with the SwordMage.

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

We see exchanging blows from left to right, however there is a very distinct difference between MU Legend and Revelation Online. Although MU Legend have 1 more class which at the time is still “in preparation”(Emphasizer), Revelation Online on the other hand have 2 more classes at hand! The Occultist which is a hybrid healer and Damage Dealer, and the Spiritshaper who seems to deliver an upper cut blow due to the fact that MU Legend, at the time, does NOT have a class that is dedicated to HEALING. With Revelation Online CN showing off the NEW ASSASSIN CLASS, Revelation Online pretty much dominate this round!

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

Round 3: Next to class system is without a doubt, the STAT POINTS SYSTEM! The stat point system may compose of several stats like Strength, Intelligence, Constitution or Vitality, Agility or Dexterity, etc in which a “Point” is rewarded every time a character reaches or accomplish a certain requirement. The most popular system is 1 point per 1 level up, either way this system mostly provide our characters with a boost and the FREEDOM to freely select which stats you want to spend the points with does not only provide us with a customized build but also, most of the time, enabled us to create a character who is either focused on one mastery or the other. MU Legend although have stat points found on the equipment’s does not really offer a stat point reward which you can freely spend on the stat of your choosing unlike in Revelation Online. This also makes the game classes on MU Legend a more predictable since you will always, most of the time, encounter classes that are mostly built align with their Class Stat affinity. For example, Strength stats for Blader, while in Revelation Online you might encounter a Blade Master who’s stats is more focused on pumping Defense/Survivability which eventually aligns the character/class away from its “definition” function of a melee damage dealer and more into a tanker/off tank build.

Round 4: Graphics and Camera View! Nothing attracts the eye of a gamer more than the glittering majestic view of the game surroundings. Both MU Legend and Revelation Online have gorgeous looking characters, classes and monsters, but the main difference is, MU Legend is using a isometric camera view while Revelation Online utilize a FREE camera view.

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

With MU Legend isometric camera view, not only is the player visual range limited, it is also lacking in many aspect. For one, you can’t really see the sky above. But who wants to stare at the sky in a game, right? Well, how about flying on the sky with your wings while starring at your character’s face with clouds as his background? Perfect wall paper for your facebook page! Or that Dub poses atop a hill? Or that memorable printscreen when you got your in-games first kiss? An ingame selfie shot maybe? With Revelation Online having a FREE camera view, you can definitely take in-game selfies all you want! You can also stare at the surrounding flora and fauna, Look Up at tall buildings and characters etc.

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

With Revelation Online having a Massive Open World map, your Free Camera View just keeps getting better!

Round 5: Dungeon System! The dungeon system is not only a source of Player versus Enemy action; it is also a place where we get resources and best of all, experience in using our skills and performing skill combos. Team/Party gameplay is also developed in this system where each member plays an important role for the success of the dungeon raid. Both MU Legend and Revelation Online have an interesting Dungeon System. MU Legend offers a procedurally generated dungeon system which the dungeon environment, monsters and bosses changes every time you enter the dungeon and also matches the character level or parties highest level player. With Revelation Online, doing a more familiar approach is safe, but it does utilize a same level matching system. So players on both games should be aware that having the best gear is better! With MU Legend dungeon drops and crafting system that will not be a problem, while in Revelation Online the freedom to literally STOP your character from leveling will provide enough time for you to gather your gears before moving forward.

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

Round 6: Gear/Equipment System! What you wear, is what you are! For MU Legend that definitely how it goes and getting attached to your gear might bring you some heart ache later on. Since MU Legend lack the freedom of allocating stat points, you will heavily rely on equipment’s with specific skills if you want to align your character on that specific build. With MU Legend random crafting it might frustrate you especially when you get equipment’s that have stats in total opposite of your class/character stat requirements. In Revelation Online however, with the freedom to allocate stats, gear selection might be a little flexible. However, one must remember that both games are heavily reliant on Gear/Equipment!

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

MU Legend offers a skin change in which you can transfer your old equipment skin to your new equipment, while Revelation Online offers equipment breakthrough system like in Blade and Soul.

Round 7: Guild System! No one can deny the Guild runs, Guild parties, Guild VS Guild and many Guild Dramas that we all encounter in games. Guild system is also one of the key features of a MMORPG and also the “one system that brings everyone together”. A game is definitely more fun while playing it with your Guild mates!

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

Both MU Legend and Revelation Online have Guild systems which not only provides a floating Guild Name on top of your character’s head, but also provides additional benefits. Benefits like Customized Guild Emblem, Shared Guild Storage System and your typical Guild Dramas. However, Revelation Online does offers more…

In Revelation Online, the Guilds have their own Daily Guild Quest, Guild exclusive buffs, Guild Exclusive events, Guild exclusive craftable items etc… including your very own Guild instanced territory and buildings! You can socialize with your fellow guild and invite them on your very own house too!

Face-off: MU Legend VS Revelation Online!

With 7 rounds, but only a few of what both games can offer, it seems like Revelation Online gets the upper hand over MU Legend. However, the real question is “What does the player wants/Likes?”

If you are a player who likes a isometric Diablo like game who doesn’t want to bother about stat points allocation etc, then MU Legend will definitely be a perfect game for you!

On the other hand, if you are a player who likes Free Camera view, taking ingame selfies, complex features and switching builds then you should absolutely check Revelation Online when Closed Beta Starts!

In my case, I like them both!

Do you agree with the results? Do you share the same point of view? Which game do you prefer and why? Share your opinion in the comment section below!


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