Escape from Tarkov’s Graphics Just Became Even More Amazing

Escape from Tarkov's Graphics Just Became Even More Amazing

Escape from Tarkov’s Russian developer Battlestate Games is working at full throttle to bring the game from Alpha to Beta. The dev team is now 70 people strong, according to project leader Nikita Buyanov, and he also shows the enhanced graphics by giving out a batch of new screenshots (click the image for the original size).

Below is a list of some of the most noticeable graphical improvements:

– improved shaders with added PBR features
– ambient light portals (improved indoor lighting)
– complete and improved sky lighting in full daylight cycle
– new SSAO
– contact ambient obscurance
– new tonemapping
– eye adaptation
– improved SSR (screen space reflections)
– new color correction
– reworked and improved most of the materials and textures of characters, weapons, and objects
– optimized terrain and vegetation

Will this result in higher PC requirements? The developer didn’t say. After all they haven’t announced the official PC requirements as they are still optimizing the game.

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