Dawn of Titans Review – A Beautiful Strategic Game of War

Dawn of Titans is made by NaturalMotion and it took them quite a long time but this beautiful game is finally here! This game turned out to be a technically proficient, gorgeous piece of mobile gaming craftsmanship. The graphics are an achievement that shows just how far this particular genre has come in just a few years and what a big progress mobile game development has made.

It’s hard not to be impressed as you zoom in and out on your floating island kingdom or check out the titular Titans, huge beings that tower above the poor cannon fodder troops. Even when they’re not in battle, the Titans move like they’re alive. You would love to put them to the test as often as possible, and the game gives you a lot of ways to do that. As expected, much of the gameplay is devoted to forming alliances with other players and deciding which other alliances to attack in order to grow in power, as any usual strategic war game. Both neutral and enemy lands can be raided for resources or captured and added to your own holdings. And since the lands are smaller, floating islands that appear get to be a part of your main plot. Because of that, it’s simple to see which other players and alliances are powerful.

Dawn of Titans Review - A Beautiful Strategic Game of War


That same intuitive nature extends to the foundation of multiplayer competition. Alliance play is divided up into week-long seasons based on the amount of victory points each group collects in a week. While you get more points for raiding human opponents, you can also score some by attacking neutral territories or even holding onto certain kinds of lands, meaning everyone in an alliance can contribute. A system of promotion lets you know if your clan is moving in the right direction.

Or maybe if you’re not a multiplayer fan, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Dawn of Titans includes an extensive single-player campaign as well. There’s some nice variety in the content , including escort missions and having to outmaneuver enemies to get to specific locations. It’s not all just “destroy the opposing army” every time out, which gives more versatility and depth to the game. Also an argument can be made that the solo battles are more interesting than the PvP clashes. Raiding enemy lands quickly gets very samey, even with the options you have to bring different kinds of troops to the battlefield and use relics to customize your Titans. It’s true that you can direct your troops with a level of control not previously seen in games of this type, but the action happens so quickly that you’ll rarely get to issue more than one or two commands.

You’ll also quickly realize that the AI opponents get to do almost all the cool tricks, like setting up ambushes or attacking from different directions and the battlefields seem to be too small compared to the number of units on them. There just isn’t space for the kind of movement that would really prove you have an actual strategy. The face-offs between huge armies with seven different unit types and multiple Titans per side are a a very cool mechanic, though it’s obviously not something players will find in Dawn of Titans until they’ve spent a lot of time playing.

Dawn of Titans Review - A Beautiful Strategic Game of War

Overall the game is pretty and it does give you a new feel to this genre of games. I really like the idea of it but the execution could’ve been something more. Sadly for me it’s just more of a pretty package rather than something revolutinary or “next-level” but it does deserve some time to be put in it and you should definitely check it out if you’re into these kind of games.Although for the amount of time that was put into this game I’ve expected more . Maybe it’s just my opinion because I’m not into strategic war games and I would like to hear your opinions too in the comments.

Beautiful and detailed graphics ;
Smooth gameplay ;
Great idea and war mechanics ;
Some game mechanics can be pushed even further for better experience ;
Not as “dynamic” and cool as people can think it is ;
Takes a long time until you feel that the time you’ve put into this game is worth

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