Dark and Light Reveals Fun Gameplay, Challenging The Powerful Monster!


Dark and Light (DnL) is becoming more and more popular since its teaser site went live on September 9. So day I am going to bring you some fun gameplay that will help you better understand this upcoming sandbox MMORPG.

Powerful Monster
Fierce monsters are everywhere in the world! It’s impossible beat them down without the needed magic or weapon. Apart from the solid foundation on magic, you had better team up with your friends to explore the world.

Day/Night Cycle
Affected by the day/night cycle and the weather, players may be able to see the twinkle stars or get stuck in the dark. In the evening, monsters will become more wild and you may bump into ‘ghost’… Therefore, you had better learn some spells for lighting or firing and keep alarmed if you go outside in the evening.

Unknown Places
Besides beautiful landscape, there are many unknown areas to be explored, including mysterious ruins, horrible dungeons, and so on.

Unique Creatures
DnL boasts a variety of unique fantasy creatures. More than 50 kinds of land/air/sea animals that beyond reckoning will be available for players. In the picture above, we can see the fire elemental as well as the leopard at the bottom left.

Base Building
Base building would be an important part for this game. If you work hard, it won’t be difficult to have you own house. Of course, you need to lease a piece of land from the ‘Land Manager’ NPC at the main city. And then, you need to collect the needed materials to build the house.

What’s more, you can invite friends to your house and have a chat with them. But you need to be cautious that the house may be destroyed by other players. So you had better make some defensive structures or pay the NPC for taking care of your house.

With buy-to-play business mode,DnL will be available on Steam in November or December this year. Players can pre-register the game on it official page to get the latest news.


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