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Choosing what class you want to be in FIFA 17 is arguably the most important choice you will ever make. As for the OP, the “best” tank will always be a tank that is played well, regardless of class. As for the actual class that will have the best toolset for dealing with the most encounters in the most efficient way for FIFA 17 Coins possible? What’s the best class in mop wow?

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Each class in mop FIFA 17 are always solid on both single target and AOE dps and are very fun to play, and if you ever want to make the transition you can tank as well. In fact, every class can be the best class in Mists of Pandaria if you can play them well. Or if you are not familiar with the skills of each class, Death Knight can be your best choices. If you’d like to know more FIFA 17 news or buy cheap mop coins guide,you can check.

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