BIG reward for THE trading fifa tip

First off: I have never bought a single coin. If you know the market it’s easy to make coins.

The last month before the price ranges I had a trading method that made me about a million a day without any effort

That said, it’s easy to make money if you have money.
During that time I invested al my spare coins in players
Then came the price ranges.. Having invested everything in players you can imagine this whole transition hit me pretty hard.
Before the price ranges my total worth of players and coins was somewhere close to 100 million coins.
Sold up last week and my coin total is currently 41 million.

Like I said: “If you know the market it’s easy to make coins.”
Sadly, I don’t know the market anymore since it has changed.
Couldn’t be bothered to spend time to get to know the market again. This probably is my last FIFA anyway

If somebody has a low effort trading method for the price ranges market that can make me 10 million before the first TOTS I will give you 1 million. So…
If you can give me a trading method for making a lot of coins without a lot of effort (using my current coins off course), I will give you 10%

The only thing you have to do is give me a very good tip!
If you look at all my old posts you can see I have never been accused of cheating or any of the sort. Never ranted or hated on anybody either and have a fair amount of posts

This will probably lead to nothing but it is worth a try. Otherwise my current coin total will be fine as well.
PM me to keep your tip more private

I need specific tips. Like I said I do not want to put a lot of effort in the market anymore.
“Buy low, sell high” won’t cut it.

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