An In Depth Review for Dragon Nest Mobile

When Eyedentity Games launched the Dragon Nest in 2010 for PC, gamers from all over the country quickly started being addicted to it. The artistic like animation, the cute voices, powerful and delicately designed weapons and the option to play as different characters each with a different skill set quickly attracted gamers from across the globe.

A gruelling six years later, the developers are on their final CBT of Dragon Nest mobile. The game, in all manners, is extremely similar to the PC version. The graphics in the upcoming mobile version seem to be sharper and offer a much more interactive gameplay. Improvised graphics is just one of the many new features available in the mobile platform.


Dragon Nest mobile comes with a lot of promises; an enriched graphical environment, an epic storyline, indulging background music and entertaining characters and Non player Character (NPC). The game features an open world game with a substantial portion of the game running on autoplay. This means that players have the option of just clicking at the mission icon for the character to automatically go seek missions and enter the dungeon


As stated earlier, the mobile version of Dragon Nest is remarkably similar to the PC version which was launched way back in 2010. The usual four characters are made available to players, however the sharper graphics in the mobile version makes the characters look more lifelike and entertaining. Dragon Nest mobile features four distinct characters,
The player is given the option of choosing his/ her character and playing the game. The players are given the option of playing with different characters at any point during the game but they will have to play the game with that character from the beginning. The gameplay that has been completed with the other characters will remain saved and can be returned to at any point of time during the game. This feature offers the players a release from the monotonous playing with a single character and offers them an arena to explore different skill sets and characters. All the characters come with the quick slide ability which helps them to quickly slide away from powerful enemy attacks.

An In Depth Review for Dragon Nest Mobile


An In Depth Review for Dragon Nest Mobile



The Dragon Nest Mobile game quickly attracts the interest of the player with an astonishing cinematic opening with high end graphics. This dramatic opening video ensures that the player is attracted towards the game and keeps playing it. Here is a quick video of the opening cinematic plot to spark your interests.


The game begins with a quick tutorial with regards to the controls and the basic attack keys. The mobile version offers a standard gamepad with quick and easily accessible buttons to play the game. The movements can be controlled on the left hand side of the screen with a revolving joystick and the attacking are positioned towards the right hand side of the screen ensuring a comfortable game. The tutorial will give a quick understanding of the control and how to use the special skill sets of the character that has been chosen. The tutorial extends to assist the player during the first mission and shows clearly as to how the character can be developed using skill points and coins collected during the game.

An In Depth Review for Dragon Nest Mobile


An In Depth Review for Dragon Nest Mobile



Now the game is completely immersive and is relatively easy at the initial level. The game ensures that the players get well acquainted with the controls and their suitable character before slowly increasing the difficulty of the game. The main idea which runs behind the game is to use the available skill sets provided for each character and to use them wisely and carefully in order to defeat the different kinds of monsters that the player faces while playing in the dungeons or while on quests. One of the attractive features of the game is the flexible use of the attacking skill set which can be catered to an individual gamers needs by allowing the player to create a combined skill attack of his choice. Once the gamers get acquainted with the game, the difficulty rises with each passing mission. At some points during the game the players will even be transfigured into a monster and will have to continue fighting as such. A limited time period cure will be provided by destroying surrounding plants etc. This unique method of play is an assurance of the fact that the player will be glued to the game. The game also ensures that the Boss fights at the end of each mission become harder and harder.


Playing Dragon Nest online is a whole ton of fun. The gamer begins his quest in an open arena where he can see hundreds of different players positioned around him. The player has the option to randomly approach another player and request to join their group. However, in order to do this, the player must have had played the game to some extent and collected enough experience points. Playing DN online provides the players the opportunity to team up with other members who play their roles in different characters. This will altogether help the players in completing the mission more efficiently and tying various types of skill sets and attacks in order to advance further. Some quests while playing the game will require for the player to join up with another player or a team.


In order to guarantee an enriched and experienced gaming experience Dragon Nest uses a non-targeting system. One of the standout features provided in the mobile version of the game when compared to the PC version is that the players can easily switch from a 2D non-targeting system to a 3D and 3.5D non-targeting system. While the 3D NTS is more appealing to the eye it can take some time to getting used to if one is not previously acquainted with it. One of the benefits that flows from the 3D NTS is that the camera can be used flexibly by the player. This means that the player can easily zoom out, revolve the camera to the desired angle around the character adjust it. The same however, cannot be done in the 2D NTS which requires the player to play from a strict third person view.


The apk for the game is currently available for download. However, only a Chinese version of the game is out as of now. A global launch of the game across various mobile platforms can be expected to happen soon. Considering the stunning graphics and the in depth plot the game is quite demanding with respect to the specifications. Dragon Nest can run uninterrupted and smoothly on an Android Version of 4.4 and above with a 3G RAM or higher. The game will work on android 4.0 with a minimum of 2GB RAM but will have a slow response and the player will not have a rich gaming experience as the game might lag a lot. It also requires about 1 GB of space for installation. The game will take an average loading time of ten to fifteen seconds, this is barring the initial installation which will take about 10 minutes. In order to play the game, the player is required to sign into his/her QQ account. This account can easily be created and a onetime login is required post which the game can be played uninterrupted.


While looking at the game overall, it stands out amongst one of the best MMORG in its section. With stunning graphics suited for a mobile device laced with customizable characters, it promises to live up to the standards of its predecessor PC version. While the market for the game is currently limited and is made available only in the Chinese version, a global launch of the game across all platforms can be expected to happen soon. For those of you who can’t wait that long to play this beautiful game, the apk is currently available for download for the Chinese version.

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