Worlds Adrift Big Alpha Weekend Announced –

An announcement has been made for a Worlds Adrift Big Alpha Weekend, inviting anyone and everyone interested in the sandbox MMO to sign up and test the game.

Worlds Adrift Big Alpha Weekend Announced -

The announcement, urging people to “TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW! (seriously)”, details what’s being described as a large recruitment drive for the next Alpha playtest scheduled for August 30th.

The current build of Worlds Adrift introduces the Crew System that allows up to four people to log in to the same island together, several new creatures, new islands created by players, a weather system, improvements to UI and several new clothing items. The alpha test is for NA and EU players only, with registration ending on August 29th. Players interested in adding their name to the pool can register here.

Our Thoughts

We’re very eager to see how big this “Big Alpha Weekend” will end up being. It sounds like Worlds Adrift is ready to start pushing the envelope in terms of its server space, and we hope that the experience is useful to the devs of the title and fun for players interested in flying the skies in-game.

Your Thoughts

Will you be adding your name to the testing pool for Worlds Adrift? Are you going to sit on the fence and wait for something more to develop? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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