Watch the Warcraft Movie Get Real with Capture the Flag! on thebesplayers

Two teams representing the Horde and the Alliance battled it out in a real-life game of Capture the Flag at Universal Studios Hollywood—and we’ve got the video to prove it.

The Warcraft movie–inspired clash took place at the #WarcraftIRL Capture the Flag event hosted by Legendary Pictures on Sunday, May 15. Each team was made up of well-known creators including Bajheera, OMGitsfirefoxx, and Markiplier, who fought to determine which faction would be declared the ultimate victor. To shake things up, game designer–turned-warlock Brian Holinka joined the battle royale to rain some Fel Fire down upon both teams.

Watch the video now to see who came out on top in this real-life Battleground.

Once you’ve watched the battle, go behind the scenes for a little Trash Talk.

Learn more about the film by visiting the Warcraft movie site, and join the conversation on Twitter with #WarcraftMovie.

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