Updated and Alternate Demon Hunter Tier 19, Legion Reputation Items, Brewmaster Artifact Acquisition, Pet Battle Bonus Event on thebesplayers

Continuing with Legion news, we have a look at new Demon Hunter Tier 19, the beginnings of Legion reputation items, and the Brewmaster Monk artifact acquisition quest. On live servers, the Pet Battle Bonus Event has started!

Edit: BlizzCon 2016 was announced, check out our separate post!

Demon Hunter Tier 19

In the recent alpha build, Tier 19 sets were updated to have additional 3D details. Below is a look at the updated Demon Hunter Tier 19 set with new spikes and armor plates, as well as the matching Tier 19 cape!

Here is a comparison of the new and old Tier 19:

However, for Demon Hunters, that’s not all–they have an alternate Tier 19 version (gloves/bracers still incomplete) with colors for Mythic, PvP Elite, Alliance, Horde, Normal, and Heroic. (Here are icons for the first style and icons for the second style, both with Q in the names where Q = Tier 19.) Which style do you prefer?

Legion Reputation Items

These are some of the possible reputations that will be found in Legion. So far many of these items can be found in treasure boxes around different zones but it seems like they may be changed to Reputation Items. In Legion you can find items that award reputation such as Court of Farondis Insignia. These can be found in treasure boxes around the Broken Isles along with vendor trash, gear, order hall equipment and currency.


The druids and their allies in Val’sharah have guarded the Emerald Dream since time immemorial.

Dreamweaver Insignia – Grants 200 reputation with the Dreamweavers (2 Sec Cooldown)
Path of Elothir Toy – Use: Leaves fluttering leaves in your wake for 5 min. (10 Min Cooldown) Requires Friendly
Tear of the Green Aspect Toy – Use: Summon a vision of the green aspect Ysera. (20 Min Cooldown) Requires Honored
Moonfeather Statue Toy – Use: Place the Moonfeather Statue on the ground. What’s the worst that could happen? (1 Day Cooldown) Requires Revered

Highmountain Tribe

The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.

Highmountain Tribe Insignia – Grants 200 reputation with the Highmountain Tribe (2 Sec Cooldown)
Whitewater Carp Item – Use: Place a Whitewater Carp to kick around. Splash! (10 Min Cooldown) Requires Friendly
Darkshard Fragment Toy – Use: Nibble a piece of the crystal. (5 Min Cooldown) Requires Revered

The Wardens

After Legion forces broke the Vault of the Wardens with the aid of Gul’dan, what few Wardens remain are determined to rebuild their prison and hunt down the terrifying beasts that were let loose when it fell.

Wardens Insignia – Use: Grants 200 reputation with the Wardens (2 Sec Cooldown)
Syxsehnz Rod Toy – Use: Use the rod to glimpse the true form of the departed night elves of Azsuna and Val’sharah. (30 Min Cooldown) Requires Honored
Trapped Treasure Chest Kit Toy – Use: Deploy a trapped Treasure Chest, you Rascal! (15 Min Cooldown) Requires Honored
Legion Pocket Portal Toy – Use: Open a portal to a dangerous Legion world. (1 Hour Cooldown) Requires Revered


These are the chosen warriors of Odyn, sworn to his service in life and death.

Valarjar Insignia – Use: Grants 200 reputation with the Valajar (2 Sec Cooldown)
Vrykul Toy Boat Toy – Use: Throw the winged boat to a friendly player. If they have free room in their pack they will catch it! (10 Sec Cooldown) Requires Honored
Death’s Door Charm Toy – Use: Take on your Helheim Spirit form. (1 Hour Cooldown) Requires Revered

Court of Farondis

The ghostly Court of Farondis and its allies continue the fight against an onslaught of invaders on the cursed island of Azsuna.

Court of Farondis Insignia – Use: Grants 200 reputation with the Court of Farondis (2 Sec Cooldown)
Enchanted Stone Whistle Toy – Use: Summon the Sand Piper tied to the Enchanted Stone Whistle. (1 Min Cooldown) (May actually be a pet) Requires Honored
Beginners Guide to Dimensional Rifting Item – Use: Teleport to a Ley-line point in Azsuna to try and find one of the lessons. (4 Hrs Cooldown) Requires Revered

The Nightfallen

These exiled Nightborne elves suffer withdrawals after being cut off from the Nightwell. They oppose their people’s alliance with the Legion and fight for some kind of redemption.

Nightfallen Insignia – Use: Grants 200 reputation with the Nightfallen (2 Sec Cooldown)

Brewmaster Monk Artifact Acquisition

Below is the questline for Brewmaster Monk to acquire Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion, which was added last week to the alpha. More artifact videos can be found on our YouTube Artifact Acquisition Playlist.

Legends say that long ago a staff was formed from the first tree to grow in Pandaria.

It is said that the bearer of the staff cannot be harmed by any weapon.

It is said that the staff was last possessed by the Monkey King, we should begin with asking him about it…

Hit the spoiler button to read the quest dialogue.
In The Wanderer’s Companion You are asked to speak with Tak-Tak so that he can fly you to the Tian Monastery to meet and speak with the Monkey King.

Upon meeting with the Monkey King, he speaks to you in riddles and tells you, that if you seek the weapon, you better answer the riddle. You need to find the objects which he describes in his riddles and then return to him.

In The Riddle of the Barrel you figure out that you need to locate some brew.

In The Riddle of the Land you figure out that you need to locate roasted grains.

In The Riddle of Purity you figure out that you need to find some water.

You fly around Pandaria to locate these items but as you do you spot some familiar foes. The Legion has sent some of its forces to thwart your efforts and possibly take the fabled staff for their own.

Once you’ve found all the things that the Monkey King required of you, you meet back up with him and he then asks you in to meet him at the Temple of the Jade Serpent before those ingredients go stale for one more test.

In The Monkey King’s Challenge the Monkey King asks you to take the ingredients that you gathered and make for him a find brew, only then will he point you towards the location of the staff.

After you mix up a fine brew, fit for a Monkey King, he asks you to step into the Temple of the Jade Serpent.

The Monkey Kings says: What happened to this place? Speak to us Wikket, with the sad looking face.
Master Windstrong says: Help masters! Demons are ransacking the temple!
The Jade Serpents fighting the invaders while we’re holding the gate for survivors to escape. We’re still missing several scribes though and I fear the worst. Please, help us!
The Monkey King says: Ook! This no good! Jade Serpent strong as a mountain and nimble as a bee, but even a mountain be worn down by the waves of the sea.
We must be fast to complete each task. These walls are easy to climb, the Jade Serpent is who I’ll go find.
Master Windstrong says: Sillan, we’re counting on you to rescue our scribes!

Fight your way through the temple and defeat the demons that have invaded! You saved a couple of Scribes including Priestess Summerpetal when the Monkey King yells for you to hurry.

The Monkey King says: Get movin’ wikket! Jade Serpent not lookin’ too good, she need our help!
Ooo, that no look good! Come on Wikket’ we no have time to play with these greenies! Follow me!
Priestess Summerpetal says: I’m coming too!
Yu’lon says: You should not be here, little ones. The Burning Legion’s attacks are relentless and even I have suffered many wounds.
The Monkey King says: Jade Serpent taught me when time come for action, king do what king gotta. We not gonna’ leave you alone while greenies be around to get gooked.
Yu’lon says: Thank you, little ones. I can heal my injuries, but I need time for my magic to take hold. Our foes are cunning, they will use this opportunity to strike.
Protect me while I recover from my injuries. Should we fall, all of Pandaria will follow.

Protect Yu’lon so that she can heal herself! Defeat the demon waves as they come.

Yu’lon yells: I AM RENEWED! Come, little ones. Let us put an end to this invasion!
Lord Korithis yells: Your mortal allies will not help you, little snake! Your doom is at hand!
Yu’lon says: Hero’s , your fight is with Korithis. I’ll protect you from his winged monstrosity.
Lord Korithis yells: Haha! So be it! Come mortals, your death awaits!
Lord Korithis says: This changes nothing… your world… will… burn!
Yu’lon says: You have learned well how to fight these creatures, but this will only be one of many battles.
Yu’lon says: This is Fu Zan, take it. May it shield you in the times ahead.

You take Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion for yourself.

The Monkey King says: Wooo hoo! You did it, Wikket!
The staffs blessing doesn’t come free, in you it will seek a heroic destiny.
Yu’lon says: Fu Zan has chosen a new companion for its journey. Great deeds and great trials await you, little one. For now you should return home to rest and prepare for the days ahead.

Pet Battle Bonus Event

The cutest bonus event starts on April 6th – Pet Battle Bonus Event.

  • Just getting started with Pet Battling in WoW? Check out our new guide, Getting Started with Pet Battles.
  • You can use our Battle Pet Database to browse and search all available pets.
  • This weekend bonus event will help your pets gain extra experience while doing wild pet and trainer battles. You can level pets quickly to 25 by having a low-level pet get carried during Draenor Tamer battles–it will take one turn and two max-level pets will complete the encounter. Use the Safari Hat and Pet Treat for additional experience boosts.
  • Wowhead users have left great comments on pet tamer pages suggesting the best strategies for each pet challenge.
  • If you are taking this weekend to get into pet battling, the Menagerie Level 1 is good building to have if you love pets! Please check out our guide to the Garrison Menagerie!
  • Import your in-game pet team and see its strengths and weaknesses against pet tamers with our Battle Pet Team Calculator.

You can use our Character Profiler to see a detailed breakdown of your pet collection, their levels, and where to collect more pets.

Just go to http://www.wowhead.com/list and enter in your Character and Realm on the left-hand side of that page, then click the "Battle Pets" tab on the new page that loads to see your collection.

PvP Pet Battles

During this event, you can complete the quest The Very Best which requires you to win 5 PvP pet battles by queuing up through the Find Battle system in your pet journal, you can earn an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone which will instantly level one of your pets up to level 25.

  • PvP pet battles are a bit of a niche, even for pet collectors, so Serrinne made a guide with some PvP pet suggestions: PvP Pet Battles for Fun and Profit.
  • If you are not sure what to use your Ultimate Battle-Training Stone on, we also have suggestions here.
  • There are also lots of achievements you can complete by doing PvP pet battles, such as: No Time To Heal, Vengeful Pet Brawler, Brutal Pet Brawler (which awards Stunted Direhorn), and Deadly Pet Brawler, which awards the title.

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