Tree Of Savior Announces Founder’s Pack Pricing Changes, Pushed Back Free-To-Play Transition –

tree of savior

Adjustments have been made to Tree of Savior’s pricing on Steam. According to an announcement made on the ToS site earlier today, Founder’s Pack products purchased on Steam had been selling at prices set by the service — causing there to be variances in the price between countries based on their living standards.

This apparently resulted in players in some countries being able to grab the packs for half or even less than than those in Europe and North America. Since the Founder’s Packs offer TP, these players can effectively purchase Tokens at a discount for silver. Creating an imbalance in the market.

To solve the problem, IMC asked Steam to apply different prices to different regions, and announced plans to open another South American sever after EU and SEA server transfers have finished. They also decided to raise the discount on DLC product to 50% instead of the previous 30%.

Unfortunately, these changes in plans have resulted in the transition to free-to-play being delayed until early to mid-May.

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