Thebesplayers : YouTube to Introduce Ads-Free Subscription Service

YouTube will introduce a monthly subscription service that will let you to watch as many videos as you want without ever encountering an ad, the Google subsidiary said in an email sent to YouTube partners today.

Google did not say how much the ads-free YouTube subscription will cost or when it will be released, but sources tell that we’ll see it this year.

According to the letter, the decision to introduce the premium service is based on the success of the YouTube Music Key Beta, which allows users to pay $10 a month for access to Google Play’s library and ad-free music videos on YouTube.

Google said that it’s seen “tremendous engagement,” with over 2 million installations in less than a month.

“We’re excited to build on this momentum by taking another big step in favor of choice: offering fans an ads-free version of YouTube for a monthly fee,” Google said. “By creating a new paid offering, we’ll generate a new source of revenue that will supplement your fast growing advertising revenue.”

According to the letter sent to YouTube partners, YouTube will pay partners 55 percent of the total net revenues YouTube determines is attributable to the monthly views or watchtime of their content.

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