Thebesplayers : Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — The World Map, The Gameplay, and Our Impressions So Far

This week we brought you a full slate of exclusive interviews, gameplay, and details. Now we’re giving you a chance to look back on all the video features editors Danny O’Dwyer and Andrew Bauman put together.

But we’re not done quite yet. If you want to go even more in-depth, we’ll post links to the full developer interviews this weekend right here. So bookmark this page and check back on Saturday for the final piece of our Witcher coverage.

The Introduction

This video highlights the history of the action-RPG franchise and how Wild Hunt’s prologue will attempt to welcome newcomers. Iff you want to jump right into combat gameplay, check out this breakout on

The World

Just ? Check out the video above for full details on all the areas in the game’s open world. If you’d prefer a quick look that focuses exclusively on the map, .

The Gameplay

This video highlights the quests, activities, and just plain random craziness you can get up to in Wild Hunt. If you’d rather learn more about the in-world .

The Lobby

Finally, does the Witcher 3 live up to the hype? Our intrepid documentarian duo share their thoughts and impressions on the game’s first few hours.

We’ll have more content on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt leading up to its launch on May 19.

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