Thebesplayers : Watch a Cheater's Character Stripped, Deleted by Guild Wars 2 Dev

Cheating in online games can get you banned–we all know that. Worse yet, it might get you (or your characters) humiliated, at least if the game is .

A (via ) on the game’s official forums recently popped up where players complained about a certain cheater, who appeared to be using hacks in-game. Worse yet, this character hadn’t done so to simply get extra money or items they hadn’t earned, but to use exploits in the game’s competitive multiplayer mode. One person even provided of the cheater in question.

The discussion went without an official response for the better part of two weeks, but I dare say it was worth the wait. Game security lead Chris Cleary addressed the matter this week, , “We don’t need to see it in-game, sometimes good video evidence is enough for me to track down who it was. In this case, the video was enough for me to find out who it was and take action. Thanks for the video, and to accompany your video, I give you this video of his account’s last moments.”

His post linked to the video above, which shows Cleary (or someone else at ArenaNet) logging into the cheater’s account, stripping a character of his gear, and then jumping to his death in the middle of Divinity’s Reach, a major city in the game. They then log out and proceed to delete the character, as well as one another.

Cleary added: “Oh yah, he’s also banned.”

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