Thebesplayers : Watch No Man's Sky Dev Play the PS4 Game on Stephen Colbert's Late Show

Sean Murray, co-founder of developer Hello Games, appeared Friday night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about and play the upcoming and game. Colbert starts off by asking for a release date, but Murray doesn’t budge. They then launch into a discussion about the size and scope of No Man’s Sky, about which Colbert jokes, “Do you have any worries that the game might get boring after visiting the first trillion planets?” Check out the full, eight-minute video below.

In No Man’s Sky, if you’re the first to encounter a creature on any of its planets, you can choose its name. This yields some excellent, Colbert-inspired names in this video, including “Colbertasauras” and “Molebert.” Murray even names an entire solar system after the late night host and comedian.

Colbert also cracks a joke about Murray taking over the role of God from actor Morgan Freeman, another guest during last night’s show. Freeman played God in Bruce Almighty, while Murray is doing the same, kind of, in his role as director of No Man’s Sky.

Murray is Colbert’s second gaming-focused guest this week,.

No Man’s Sky , though a release date has not been announced. When you die in the game, you .

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