Thebesplayers : Watch Co-Op Footage From Alienation, a PS4-Exclusive From Resogun Developer

We haven’t seen since Gamescom 2014, but the top-down shooter is looking pretty good in a recently released video.

The video, posted to developer Housemarque Games’ YouTube channel shows an early pre-alpha, three player cooperative session. It’s still a work in progress, but Alienation seems like a mix of two of Housemarque’s previous games. On its website, Housemarque describes Alienation as a spiritual successor to the top-down zombie shooter , and it does seem to share similar characters and level design, but it also looks like it has the fast pace action and weapon types of .

Alienation is a four-player action game with drop-in drop-out multiplayer exclusive to the PlayStation 4. It will have cooperative, single player, and player-versus-player modes. Housemarque has yet to announce a release date, but the game’s official site says it’s “coming soon.” Sony also previously confirmed the game for .

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