Thebesplayers : Two New RPGs Headed to PSP (Yes, PSP) in North America and Europe

Although the PlayStation Portable software market in the West dried up years ago for most developers, not everyone has abandoned the pursuit of bringing niche RPGs to the US, Canada, and Europe. Gaijinworks and MonkeyPaw revealed their latest efforts this week, which will see two new games brought over from Japan.

The first of these is . Originally released in 2010, this is a natural move for Gaijinworks’ next game, given that it already brought the previous game in the dungeon crawler series, , to western audiences in 2013.

Also coming to western PSPs is 2013 tactical RPG (gallery below). Considering that none of the previous games have been localized or released outside of Japan, it seems like a curious choice to jump right to the fifth game, but there is a reason for doing so.

Responding to a question on that subject, Gaijinworks founder Vic Ireland explained on the official that it’s due to “[t]ime and code completeness. Because 5 was very recent, the code base and assets were pretty easy to collect and it’s a great game that was a ground up effort. and were ports, and though I would have liked to have started with 3, I’m not sure we’d have time to do 3, 4, 5 before the PSP window closes.”

That may due in part to the sheer size of the game. “5, especially, is a HUGE game,” Ireland said. “Like 45,000 lines of dialogue. Nuts.”

In the case of both games, digital versions will be released on PSN. In addition, polls will be posted in the near future to determine interest in physical versions–something that Class of Heroes 2 received once Gaijinworks was able to ensure it had at least 2,500 people on board to order.

Physical copies–if they do end up being released–will include various physical goodies, as well as UMD and digital copies, allowing collectors to play while keeping the physical game untouched.

Pricing will be announced when the polls go up in “late May or early June.” As with other PSP games, both titles will be playable on PSP, , and PlayStation TV. You can read more about the games on Gaijinworks’ .

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