Thebesplayers : Twitter Kills Ability to Embed Wolfenstein, Other MS-DOS Games in Tweets

Earlier this week, we found out that that you could embed entire MS-DOS games preserved on the in tweets, but yesterday Twitter killed the feature.

The tweet below, which we included in our early story about being able to play MS-DOS games directly through Twitter, originally allowed you to play Wolfenstein 3D without leaving the page. As you can see, it is now just a link that takes you to Internet Archive, where you can still play the game.

It seems that the feature violated Twitter’s rules around Play Cards, which allow users to embed audio and video clips. According to Twitter’s site, “Player Cards are reserved for linear audio and video consumption only.”

Twitter specifically asks developers to “not build end-to-end interactive experiences inside the video or audio player unrelated to Player Card content, such as the following: purchasing, gaming, polling, messaging, and data entry.”

Unfortunate, but don’t let this prevent you from checking out the Internet Archive’s amazing collection of free MS-DOS games. There are 2,604 games available as of this writing, and many of them are classics: , , , , , and .

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