Thebesplayers : Twitch Gets Chat Replay Feature

Live streaming service has announced the integration of chat replays for recorded videos. When users watch a recorded live stream, the chat from the broadcast will be displayed alongside the replay. The feature will show chat emotes, sub notifications, and badges exactly as they appeared on the stream.

Twitch chat moderators will be able to moderate messages in chat replays as if they were live, and messages deleted a result of timeouts or bans will not appear in chat replays. The feature is being added to videos made starting from today.

The feature functions similarly to the browser extension ReChat. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as creator Nils Caspar joined the Twitch team last year and contributed to the development of chat replays.

Twitch has been regularly rolling out new features to its live-streaming service. Earlier this year in response to the stream-controlled gameplay streams boost in popularity, much of which can be attributed to the that took place in 2014.

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