Thebesplayers : Total War Battles: Kingdom Open Beta Hits PC

The open beta for Creative Assembly’s upcoming free-to-play strategy game is now available on. You can download the game right now

Total War Battles: Kingdom, which was , is described as a “persistent world strategy game.” It’s set during the turn of the 10th century, as mankind emerges from the Dark Ages.

Overall, the game aims to offer “rich, bite-sized Total War experiences.” Watch the trailer above to see more of the PC game and how it works.

Previously, Total War Battles: Kingdom was available on PC through a limited closed beta. A Mac version of the game, along with a tablet edition, will launch later this year, though exact release dates have not been announced.

Creative Assembly’s goal for Total War Battles: Kingdom is to allow you to play Total War wherever you are. “With one persistent world, players will be able to continue their campaign across multiple devices, at home, work, or out and about,” the developer said.

For a closer look at Total War Battles: Kingdom, check out the image gallery below.

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