Thebesplayers : Tony Hawk 5 May Not Have Its "Seamless Online Multiplayer" on 360/PS3

The first Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in more than a decade will cost $20 less on last-gen consoles than it will on current-gen, and it may not feature the same style of multiplayer on all platforms.

An listing for the has gone online. Alongside a placeholder release date of December 31, Amazon lists a price of $60 for the and versions, and $40 for the and versions. Activision confirmed to GameSpot these are indeed the real prices for the game, but it didn’t offer any indication as to whether there will be differences (aside from, presumably, the visuals) between the current- and last-gen versions.

One possibility involves the . Players will be able to jump in and out of online sessions with friends and other players. There are both competitive and cooperative aspects to multiplayer, including the ability to complete missions and level up the character you use online and offline.

In the UK, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Pro Skater 5 will be an exclusive to retailer GAME. In a press release announcing that fact today, GAME noted, “For those with PS4 and Xbox One consoles, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 also comes with the most advanced online multiplayer experience, offering online skate sessions and the ability to challenge other players from around the world.”

That would suggest that experience is absent on 360 and PS3. Furthermore, Amazon, , and list “seamless online multiplayer” as a feature only on the pages for the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

Asked about the distinction, Activision noted it had nothing more to share beyond what GAME had revealed.

Pro Skater 5 is being developed by Robomodo, the developer of , , and , as well as Disruptive Games. A release date has yet to be announced; Activision says that will be “shared in the upcoming weeks.”

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