Thebesplayers : Symphony of the Night Producer's New 2.5D Platformer Funded in Under Four Hours

The Kickstarter campaign for Castlevania mastermind Koji Igarashi’s next game, a , has exceeded its funding target less than a day.

The campaign and reached its $500,000 target at 1:34 PM PDT / 4:34 PM EDT.

Funding will continue until June 12, leaving plenty of time for additional money to come through to help unlock Ritual of the Night’s various stretch goals.

They include the following:

  • $600,000 — Artbook upgraded to hardcover
  • $700,000 — The introduction of a second playable character
  • $800,000 — A “Nightmare” difficulty mode
  • $850,000 — Voice acting from Metal Gear Solid veteran David Hayter

You can secure a digital copy of Ritual of the Night for a minimum pledge of $28. Now that the $500,000 target has been met, backers will have the option of selecting a physical disc across all platforms.

In Ritual of the Night, you play young orphan girl named Miriam who has been scarred by an alchemist curse. The game is set in a “demon-filled castle,” not unlike Igarashi’s most iconic work,.

Ritual of the Night is scheduled to launch in March 2017 across, Mac, Linux, , and . Explaining why the game is not coming to Nintendo platforms, developer Inti Creates (, ) said: “We can’t afford to create the two separate versions of this game that would be necessary to make it run on every console.”

At the same time, the developer teased: “We’ve heard legends about a remarkable treasure hidden in the castle basement…”

For lots more on Ritual of the Night and Igarashi–who –check out .

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