Thebesplayers : Steam's Best-Selling 2015 Games Revealed in Preliminary Report

creator Sergey Galyonkin has a preliminary report that reveals Rockstar Games’ , with around 3.6 million copies activated, was the best-selling game released in 2015 on Steam. Rounding out the top five are (~2.5 million), (~2.2 million), (~2 million), and (~`1.9 million). Scroll down to see see the full Steam Spy sales chart for 2015 games on Steam.

There are a number of important caveats to be aware of when looking at the numbers. For one, Steam Spy is of course not run by Valve. It gets its numbers from public Steam profiles, so all figures are approximations and can’t be guaranteed to be exactly accurate. In addition, the numbers only include game activations from April 1 to December 20.

“I don’t have any data before that,” Galyonkin ().

He also explains that he tried to filter out games that were temporarily free or handed out through giveaways, but admits that the list “might contain some mistakes.” Galyonkin also points out that the started on December 22, which may lead to a surge in game activations for some titles.

He says he’ll post an updated sales chart in January after the sale period ends.

to see a range of Steam Spy 2015 sales charts for individual regions, including the US and UK.

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