Thebesplayers : Star Wars Battlefront "Blast" Multiplayer Mode Revealed

, DICE on Thursday announced a new multiplayer mode for .

The new mode is called “Blast,” and it’s Battlefront’s version of the tried-and-true team deathmatch. Teams of Rebel and Imperial factions (ten to a side) square off in matches that run until one team notches 100 kills or ten minutes elapses.

Some of the planets you’ll fight on include Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, and Sullust. Blast is a close-quarters mode, so maps won’t be as large as what you’ll find in the game’s other modes, such as the massive-scale, 40-player Walker assault mode. But Blast isn’t just a trimmed down version of bigger modes.

“Say you’ve just played Walker Assault mode on Hoth and then switched to Blast, still on Hoth–thanks to variations in lighting and time of day, you’ll definitely see a difference,” lead level designer Dennis Brännvall said in a.

Some other notable Blast mode facts include:

  • No vehicles
  • No hero and villain characters
  • Weapons are scattered throughout the map

DICE, but it’s unclear if Blast is what the developer was referring to. As multiplayer modes go, Blast sounds pretty straightforward.

Gamescom attendees will get to play Blast at the Electronic Arts booth at Gamescom next week in Germany.

Battlefront’s other multiplayer game modes include:

  • Walker Assault
  • Supremacy
  • Fighter Squadron
  • Drop Zone
  • Cargo

In addition to these, Battlefront has a Missions mode, playable offline or through local or online co-op. There is also the Survival mode that we saw at E3 (see the video above).

Battlefront launches on November 17 for ,, and , just a few weeks before J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awkens hits theaters. Everyone who buys Battlefront will receive a , which is based on the upcoming movie.

In other recent news about Battlefront, EA has told fans .

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