Thebesplayers : Star Wars: Battlefront Won't Use Battlefield's Battlelog System

won’t use Battlefield’s server browser and social network Battlelog to connect players to online matches, one of the game’s developers has confirmed.

Writing on , DICE producer Jesper Nielsen said that while Uprise, the Swedish Electronic Arts studio responsible for Battlelog, is working on Star Wars: Battlefront, the game won’t use the same service you’ve come to know in the recent Battlefield games.

“While Uprise has been doing Battlelog, does that automatically mean that we will do Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront?” Nielsen asked. “No, it won’t. That can only be an assumption, and I can tell you, no, there won’t be Battlelog for Star Wars: Battlefront.”

, another DICE producer said that whatever system Uprise is working on for Star Wars: Battlefront, it will be built from scratch.

If you haven’t played Battlefield games in recent years, Battlelog is an in-browser portal that allows players to find matches, connect with other players, and configure loadouts across multiple Battlefield titles before launching a game.

Electronic Arts and DICE announced a ton of details about the upcoming first-person shooter Star Wars: Battlefront at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California yesterday. To catch up with all the latest news, check out our story that rounds up .

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