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Electronic Arts and DICE announced a ton of details about the upcoming first-person shooter today at the Star Was Celebration in Anaheim, California. We learned the game’s release date, saw a full-length trailer, and heard the first details about gameplay, including a large-scale 40-player mode.

But those were only some of the announcements made today. Below you’ll find a roundup of everything you need to know about Battlefront, which launches November 17 for , , and .


While it doesn’t show gameplay, this video–captured in-engine on the PlayStation 4 version–is impressive. It highlights the game’s varied locations, including the icy tundra of Hoth and the deep forests of Endor. We also get a closer look at some of Battlefront’s vehicles, special abilities, and more.



No Campaign Mode — Unsurprisingly, Star Wars: Battlefront is a multiplayer-focused game, producer Patrick Bach says. While there won’t be a traditional campaign like the ones DICE made previously in Battlefield games, Battlefront will come with two-player co-op missions playable offline or online.

Female Stormtroopers — “Why wouldn’t there be?” Bach said in an interview with about the inclusion of female Stormtroopers in Battlefront. While female Stormtroopers aren’t very prevalent in the wider Star Wars universe, they absolutely exist, and Battlefront aims to bring that fact to the foreground.

“When you talk to Lucasfilm, they’re like, ‘Yeah, of course there are. We just haven’t shown you [in the films],'” Bach said. ‘For us, it’s about filling in the details in the universe.”

Free Episode 7 DLC — Pre-order Battlefront and you’ll receive the Battle of Jakku expansion on December 1, one week ahead of its general availability on December 8. As, the Battle of Jakku DLC includes two multiplayer maps on the planet Jakku.

And in terms of story, players will discover what happened at the Battle of Jakku, which takes place before the events of the movie Star Wars Episode VII — The Force Awakens. Step-by-step instructions for how to access the content are .

Deluxe Edition — The Battlefront Deluxe Edition ($70 for all platforms) will come with the main game, , as well as “instant access” to the following five in-game items:

  • DL44 blaster – as made famous by Han Solo
  • Ion Grenade
  • Ion Torpedo
  • Ion Shock (exclusive emote)
  • Victory (exclusive emote)

No Space Battles — Battlefront may exist in the Star Wars universe, but the only stars you’ll see are the ones in the sky above you. There will not be any space battles, EA said on Twitter.


— While it wasn’t shown publicly, GameSpot’s Chris Watters got to see a first-look at Battlefront gameplay this week at the Star Wars Celebration. He reports: “Battlefront is, on a broad level, Battlefield set in the Star Wars universe. The player starts as an infantry soldier on the Rebel or Imperial side, fighting in one of the iconic locations from the movies.”

“What remains to be seen is how this Battlefront will fare when it comes to doing what Battlefront games have done best: making the player feel like a heroic soldier, an ace pilot, or a powerful Jedi during the chaos of a battle waged a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

Read our for lots more.


Playable Vehicles:

  • Speeder bikes and snow speeders
  • AT-ST, AT-AT
  • TIE Fighters, X-Wings, and the Millennium Falcom

Battlefront locations include:

  • Endor
  • Hoth
  • Tatooine
  • Sullust (a previously unexplored planet)

Battlefront playable “Hero” characters include:

  • Darth Vader
  • Boba Fett
  • More to be announced later
  • (You’ll also get to “encounter” characters like R2-D2 and C-3PO)

First- and Third-Person:

  • Just like in previous Battlefront games, players will be able to switch between first- and third-person with the simple press of a button.

No classes:

  • Unlike Battlefield, Battlefront does not feature classes, so you’ll get to decide how you want to build your soldier

Battlefront modes:

  • The game will offer a “wide range of modes tailored for different types of battles,” including:
    • Walker Battle — The largest of conflicts in Battlefront, this mode supports up to 40 players
    • On the other end of the spectrum, the game’s smallest mode–not given a name–will be limited to eight total players
    • Missions — Playable either solo or with a friend offline (with split-screen) or online
    • More will be announced in the lead-up to launch


Only five of these special edition console packages were made; three were given away at the Battlefront panel today at the Star Wars Celebration. But you can win one of the remaining two by entering into a Twitter sweepstakes. Full details on how to win one of the bundles, which comes with a standard PS4, copy of Battlefront, and a nice-looking case, are .

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