Thebesplayers : Square Enix Reveals Stunning Final Fantasy PC Tech Demo

maker Square Enix has unveiled a new demo that shows off the latest tech it is working on. Revealed at Microsoft’s Build conference today, the demo features the same character that appeared in the .

As detailed by , the demo is titled “WITCH – Chapter 0 [cry]” and is powered by DirectX 12. The footage shown is allegedly in-game, with each scene comprised of “over 63 million polygons”; six to twelve times more than the capabilities of DirectX 11. Microsoft corporate vice president Steve Guggenheimer showcased the demo, altering lighting effects and camera angles in real-time. The build was shown on a PC running four GeForce Titan X graphics cards.

Square Enix first revealed its tech demo at E3 in 2012. The four minute video runs off the company’s proprietary Luminous Studio Engine, and .

Nvidia’s DirectX 12 API will be included with the upcoming Windows 10. For a technical breakdown of Direct X12’s advancements, be sure to.

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