Thebesplayers : Sony Lists 20 PS4 "Exclusives" Set for 2016 Release

Sony has published a new video featuring what it claims are twenty ” exclusives” scheduled for release in 2016.

The rundown of games includes long awaited AAA projects, such as and , along with lesser-known indie curios such as and .

Below GameSpot has separated the assortment of games into two lists. The first is for first-party games, meaning that in all likelihood they will be permanently fixed to PlayStation consoles.

The second list features more elaborate and ambiguous business arrangements between Sony and third-party studios, meaning the games listed could either be console exclusives (also shipping on ), or timed exclusives (coming to at a later date), or potentially outright exclusives that have yet to be clarified as such.

First-Party Exclusives

  • *
  • **
  • **
  • ***

Console or Timed Exclusives

* Developed by third-party studio Insomniac. IP owned by Sony.

** Co-developed by Sony Worldwide Studios and third-party partners.

*** Beta only

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