Thebesplayers : Silent Hills PS4 Teaser P.T. Now Gone From PlayStation Store

The “playable teaser” for the game, P.T., is now no longer available to download on the . Publisher Konami on Wednesday, April 29.

Konami has not elaborated on why P.T. was removed from the store, which happened amidst a , who was directing Silent Hills. Director Guillermo del Toro and actor Norman Reedus were also involved with the game. Although Silent Hills has been cancelled, Konami stated that it remained “committed to new Silent Hill titles.”

For those who didn’t pick up the free demo in time, multiple listings for PlayStation 4’s with P.T. installed on their hard drives. If you’re wondering what the teaser was about and why it was upon release,.

Silent Hills was , which was launched as a free PS4 demo on the PlayStation Store with no explanation as to what it was. Kojima later said that he wanted to make Silent Hills so scary that it will “.” Haven’t been following the recent news on Konami and Kojima? We .

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