Thebesplayers : P.T. Can No Longer Be Downloaded, Even From Your PS4 Library

P.T., the playable teaser for, has been taken off the PlayStation servers and now no longer downloadable on the ; even for players who have downloaded the teaser before. Players who have P.T. in their PlayStation library and try to download the game will be met with an error message that reads “Cannot download.”

We’ve tested the process on , and the game is no longer downloadable even if you have downloaded it before. If the game is deleted from the library it is now gone for good.

Publisher Konami from the PSN store. The announcement was made at a time when developer Kojima Productions was in some upheaval, as GameSpot has been told that Hideo Kojima would be following the release of . We outline .

P.T. was . However, at the time, the playable teaser , so long as it was added to a user’s library. That is no longer the case.

Given that the teaser cannot be downloaded at all anymore, perhaps the number of . If you’re wondering what the teaser was about and why it was upon release,.

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