Thebesplayers : PS4 Getting Spaceship-Building Sim Kerbal Space Program

The popular spacecraft-building sim is coming to the .

The developer announced today on that its game will finally make its way to consoles with a release on Sony’s system. The game has been exclusive to , and requires a moderately powered computer to run it sufficiently. This is good news for people like me, who have put way too many hours into KSP but would love a way to play it without investing in a better computer.

The game is basically a construction sandbox, allowing players to mess around with different parts to make rockets or space planes. It is easy to put together a simple spaceship, but it can get super involved and complicated if you decide to shoot for a moon landing or the creation of a space station.

You can read our review of Kerbal Space Program , and then keep an eye on GameSpot for all news KSP as it becomes available.

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