Thebesplayers : No On-Disc DLC for Street Fighter 5

Upcoming fighting game will not feature DLC already loaded onto the disc when the game launches, Capcom has confirmed.

“There will not be on-disc DLC, for sure,” Capcom producer Matt Dahlgren told during a recent interview at the Tokyo Game Show.

On-disc DLC has been a point of controversy in the Street Fighter series recently.

In April 2012, on the eve of ‘s launch, Capcom that the 12 “downloadable” characters were actually on the discs of the and versions of the game. Capcom later by saying there is “effectively no distinction” between on-disc DLC and downloaded add-ons, apart from delivery method.

In the wake of this controversy, former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski said on-disc DLC is an in the industry, adding that it’s an of doing business. More recently, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore said

Capcom is taking a drastically different approach to post-launch updates for Street Fighter V. First, the company intends to , and players will be able .

Street Fighter V is in development for and , and will feature cross-platform play between both systems. The game is slated to launch , which ends March 31, 2016.

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