Thebesplayers : Nintendo Offers Gorgeous Box Art Alternatives for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

If you’re not happy with the box art for , Nintendo is offering some absolutely gorgeous alternatives.

Four alternative box art designs have been published on the company’s page, each featuring some beautiful artwork. (You can see them in the gallery below.) These come complete with the game’s name on the spine and–unfortunately–ESRB ratings. Still, provided you have a printer handy, it’s hard to complain about getting to replace the standard box art with one of these choices.

If the artwork seem familiar, it’s because Nintendo used them as alternative box art choices back when the game was first coming to Wii in North America. Fans were for which of the covers would be printed on the opposite side of the game’s standard box art, allowing you to turn it inside out and have a different look.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D was released on Friday, making it the very first game to . To find out whether it puts the hardware to good use, .

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