Thebesplayers : Nintendo NX's First Games Announced By Square Enix

[UPDATE] Square Enix has toned down its commitment to releasing Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI for Nintendo’s NX. Asked for clarification on its position regarding the console, a spokesperson for the company said the releases are “under consideration” but it doesn’t have “further information to share at the moment.[UPDATE ENDS]

The first two games announced for NX, the next games console from Nintendo, have been revealed as Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI.

Square Enix revealed the titles for Nintendo’s in-development console during a livestream, where the was also officially revealed for and .

Details beyond the plans to release the games on NX were not provided. Nintendo is not expected to reveal details about its new games system until 2016.

in March 2015, but nothing is known about the hardware yet. The company has said it .

At the time of its announcement, Nintendo said the project represents a but didn’t elaborate further.

A report has indicated that Nintendo , as the company has signed a contract with Foxcon Electronics and wants to begin pilot assembly on the hardware by October “at the latest.”

This report has not yet been verified, however, and Nintendo is yet to announce release plans.

Nintendo has said it will continue to support the and after the NX is launched.

“NX is a new platform, so the installed base will have to be built up from zero,” it said. “When NX is launched, there already will be a certain volume of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U hardware widely existing in the market, so from a software business perspective, it would be highly inefficient to stop releasing titles for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U right after the launch of NX.”

The company has been adamant that the NX is .

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