Thebesplayers : New Destiny Special Edition Includes All Three Expansions, Replica Strange Coin

During Sony’s E3 2015 press conference, . Titled the Taken King, it has all sorts of new content. When it releases, there will be three expansions to , so publisher Activision has announced an edition of the game that bundles together all of the content released.

The Taken King Legendary Edition comes with the first two expansions and the new Taken King expansion coming out in September.

The Taken King Collector’s Edition is a GameStop exclusive and comes with some extras in addition to the DLC. It includes:

  • A steelbook case.
  • A Treasure Island book with letter from Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard in Destiny’s Tower social space.
  • Cayde-6’s journal with notes and drawings.
  • A “collection of relics and artifacts.”
  • A replica Strange Coin, one of the currencies in the game.
  • A weapon schematic.
  • Early access to an auto rifle, a pulse rifle, and a sidearm.
  • Three guardian class items with XP bonuses.
  • Three emotes.
  • Three armor shaders.

The Taken King includes new subclasses, a new raid, and several strikes and story missions. You can check out the rest of the news from Sony’s press conference

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