Thebesplayers : NBA 2K15 Says the Golden State Warriors Will Be Your 2015 NBA Champs

The NBA playoffs begin today, and if you’re so inclined, you can skip the next two months of professional basketball. The Golden State Warriors will be the 2014-15 NBA champions, at least according to an simulation.

As all sports game makers do (see: EA with and ), 2K has used its latest game to predict the outcome of the playoffs. The Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers–the two favorites, at least according to betting odds–will meet in the Finals, with the Warriors coming out on top in a six-game series.

You can see the full bracket above for how things turned out. There weren’t many upsets–the Spurs are favored over the Clippers in real life despite being the lower seed–or surprises, perhaps save for the Nets actually winning a game (keep in mind, I’m a Knicks fan).

Despite being a weak defensive team in real life, 2K notes in its of the simulated playoffs that it was the Cavs’ defense that helped them to top the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals. That defense wouldn’t hold up, even in 2K’s sim, as the Warriors’ Steph Curry would score 40-plus points in the fifth and sixth games of the Finals–a Warriors loss and a win, respectively–to win the NBA Championship.

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